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KWIK Utilities EXCEL Add-In

Column Visibility

What it does

Allows you to quickly show/hide groups of columns.


When working with Worksheets that have many columns of data and calculations it is often helpful to see only columns related to a specific aspect e.g. 'demographic' or 'financial'.

Normally you would have to manually select the columns you want to hide (or show) which can become frustrating.

This functionality in KWIK Utilities reads tags you insert in row 1 of the relevant column(s) and presents them as a list of options. You can Select/Deselect the group(s) you are interested in and the functionality will automatically Show/Hide the relevant tagged column(s).


  1. In the first row of a Worksheet, insert a unique tag for each group that you want to be able to Show/Hide - for example 'Job Information', 'Salary Information', 'New Salary breakdown'. Insert the same tag in the first row of all columns with related information.
  2. Click 'KWIK' -> 'View' -> 'Columns'.
  3. The tags found in the first row of the active Worksheet are presented in the list. Columns with no tags are represented by '(blank)'.
  4. Column groups that are currently visible are shown as "Selected" and hidden column groups are shown as "Deselected" items on the list.
  5. Select/Deselect the Groups you want to Show/Hide.
  6. Click 'Update Column Visibility'
If you want to hide the tags for presentation purposes, either hide the row or change the font color to white.

See the Demo Workbook for an example.