Cebano Excel Utilities

KWIK Utilities EXCEL Add-In

Navigate Formulas

What it does

  • The toolbar displays the active EXCEL formula with all the cell references hyperlinked, allowing you to easily navigate to the cells used in the formula.
  • The toolbar provides a 'Back' button so you can easily return to the previous cell.
  • As you move around your workbook, the toolbar automatically records the recent cells you have visited, so you can click on the 'Back' button to return to a previous cell, e.g. on a different Worksheet.


  1. Click 'KWIK' -> 'Navigate' -> 'Formula'. This brings up the Navigate Formula tool.
  2. Navigate to the Cell with the Formula you want to analyse.
  3. The formula is displayed on the tool. Notice that if you edit the cell or move the cursor, the toolbar updates the cell information synchronously.
  4. The reference cells in the Formula are displayed in blue underline.
  5. Hovering the mouse mouse over a reference, shows a tooltip with the value of the reference cell.
  6. Clicking on the reference navigates to the cell being referenced.
  7. Click the Arrow on the top left of the form to navigate back to the original cell.
  8. Close the form by clicking the x on the toolbar.

See the Demo Workbook for an example.