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KWIK Filter

What it does

Filters data in an Autofilter with a 'Select-and-Click' approach.


  • When using standard Excel Autofilters, you need to go into the heading cell of each column and select the specific criteria from the Autofilter dropdown. This can be quite cumbersome if there are lots of options and criteria in more than one column needing to be set.
  • To reset an autofilter, you need to go into the heading cell and select the "Select All" option
  • KWIK filter sets the criteria for one or more columns based on the cell selection and also offers a quick way to reset the criteria for a particular column.


  1. Set the Autofilter Row.
  2. Select the cell in a particular column that contains the value you want to filter on. You can select more than one cell in which case the criteria will be updated to reflect multiple values.
  3. Click the 'KWIK' -> Data -> 'Filter' button to update the criteria for the column.
  4. To update criteria in multiple columns in one action, select one more cells in different columns. Hold down the Ctrl key to select non-contiguous areas. Click the 'KWIK Filter' button.
  5. Note that the criteria for Columns that are not selected are not updated.
  6. To reset the criteria for particular column(s), select the heading cell(s)
  7. Click the 'KWIK' -> Data -> 'Filter' button.

See the Demo Workbook for an example.