Cebano Excel Utilities

KWIK Utilities EXCEL Add-In

Save with Date Stamp

What it does

Saves the active Excel Workbook with a filename that automatically includes a datestamp as part of the filename.


  • Provides an easy way to create backups to mitigate against file corruption.
  • Provides access to earlier versions of formulas or data.
  • Makes it easier to ensure that everyone is working on the correct version of a Workbook, for example if it is shared via email.


  1. Go to ‘KWIK' -> 'File' -> 'Date Save'.
  2. The active Workbook will be saved in the same folder with a unique name that is made up of the original name of the file and the date and time. If for example the original filename was "Salaries.xlsx", the function will save the file as "Salaries As At 2015-02-04 13'11.xlsx".
  3. A subsequent 'Save with Date Stamp' will create a new copy of the Workbook (similar to the way 'Save-As' works) with the updated date and time. Using the previous example, a subsequent file may have a filename "Salaries As At 2015-02-04 14'05.xlsx". Note the previous version of the Workbook is retained in the same folder.