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KWIK Mail Merge

What it does

Merges Excel data to Outlook email without requiring Word.


  • Email merge using Microsoft Word is cumbersome.
  • KWIK Mail Merge allows an email merge to be done directly from Excel to an Outlook Draft email.


  1. Create a table in an Excel Worksheet with the headings for the merge, e.g. "Name", "email address", "Department". To have the date and time of the email stored in each record, add a field KWIK Mail Merge Log.
  2. Set the Excel Filter to the headings of the table.
  3. In MS Outlook, create and save the draft template e-mail for the Mail Merge. Use "{" and "}" in the TO:, CC:, BCC:, Subject and Body sections of the email where you want to merge data in, e.g. "TO:{email address}" and the Body of the email may start "Hi {Name} in {Department}....".
  4. Switch to Excel and Filter the records to use in the merge. For example when testing, one may want to include only one or two examples or when doing an actual send you may want to limit the send to a particular department.
  5. Click the 'KWIK' -> 'Data' -> 'Email Merge' button
  6. To merge emails to the Drafts folder and not actually send to the recipients, select 'Merge E-mails to Draft Folder.' This is useful for testing purposes or if you want to manually send each email later.
  7. Set the Receipt options.
  8. Press Select Draft E-mail and KWIK Mail Merge.

See the Demo Workbook for an example.