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KWIK Utilities EXCEL Add-In

Report Unique Values

What it does

Creates a report of unique value combinations found in a specified area in a Worksheet. The tool can also provide a frequency count of each unique combination of values.


Provides a quick method to extract unique values and to obtain frequency information. The output can be used as the basis for a histogram chart to provide a first step when analysing data.


  1. Open the form tool ('KWIK'-> 'Data' -> 'Unique Values')
  2. Provide the required information:
    • Click your mouse into the "Select Input Area to Analyse" text box to activate it.
    • Select the range of cells containing the data that you want to analyse for unique values.
      • If you select data across more than one column, the unique combination of values across the columns will be analysed.
      • You can select multiple areas by holding down the Ctrl key. This is useful if the columns you want to analyse are not adjacent.
    • Move your cursor into the "Select Top Cell of Output Area" text box to activate it.
    • Select with your mouse the top left cell where you want the function to output the unique values to. The values will be saved in this cell and the cells below it.
    • If required, select the option 'Show Count per Unique Value'. The frequency of each unique value will be shown on the output alongside the value.
  3. Click 'OK',
  4. The output is generated. If the input data covers more than one column, the output lists all combinations of values found in the data.

See the Demo Workbook for an example.